Hands On Assist Workshop

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mit Bodyworkers und Forrest Yoga Guardians
Jambo Truong (UK) & Brian Campbell (USA)
17. – 18. November 2018
START: 10:00 AM

This weekend of experiential workshops is designed to offer practitioners a sensory understanding of their own anatomy in yoga poses. Each morning focuses on a sequence that prepares practitioners to work on the hands on assists in the afternoon. Even if you are not a teacher, learning hands on assists gives you a deeper appreciation of your own body and the directions of your own yoga practice. This course aims to demystify yoga poses and strengthens your understanding of why hands on assists help deepen the experience of what the pose has to offer, rather than how the pose is supposed to look.

Daily Schedule
10:00am-11:00am Intent Setting with Yoga Ceremony
11:00am-13:00pm Forrest Yoga Intensive
15:00pm-18:00pm Hands on assists

Saturday 17 november – The Anatomy of Backbends 
Forrest Yoga Intensive: The Hidden Foundations of Advanced Backbends

This workshop experientially demonstrates how therapeutic backbends are the poses to work on in order to have firm and confident foundations for deeper backbends practises. This therapeutic backbend sequence deliberately prepares practitioners to work on the hands on assists for deeper backbends and twists.

Sunday 18 november – The Anatomy of Hip Opening
Forrest Yoga Intensive: The Legs As The Key To Unlock The Hips

This workshop experientially demonstrates how standing poses are the most effective for long lasting hip opening. Standing Pose Series is a method of sequencing that is unique to Forrest Yoga. Not only does this sequencing style help to create more strength in the legs by training the neuro-pathways to safely go beyond their familiar edge, it is also an ideal sequencing style to have longevity in the openness of hips. This workshop will take you through the several planes of possible movements for the hips so you can discern which are your strong directions and which angles you need to work more for your personal development of happy hips. You will also experience how working systematically creates surprisingly new possibilities in hip opening.

1 Day: €90
Full Weekend Course: €160
To register, please email Alexandra: office(at)byoga.at

Learn more about Brian Campbell: https://www.bodyworkyoga.com/
Learn more about Jambo Truong: http://www.jambodragon.com/