Forrest Yoga Workshops mit Szilvia Campbell

Szilvia is a senior Forrest Yoga teacher, a Hungarian native nomadic teacher spreading her Forrest Yoga inspired teachings globally and on weekend 4th & 5th April here at bYOGA.

Her yoga ceremonies are enriched with her Turanian ceremony which all initiate a deeply cleansing and transformative process on mental-emotional-physical level. As individuals you will soar to the higher plains of learning and understanding the patterns that your body hold. As a group we create sacred space to support this process. Szilvia is an experienced teacher, all levels and injuries are welcome to all her events unless stated otherwise.


Samstag, 4. April 2020 10:00-13:00
Root Maintenance: Conversing with the Ancestors & Earth Wisdom  

Dive Deep and Converse with the Ancestors. In this workshop we will immerse in Ceremony, polish our Roots (legs, hips and pelvis) to connect to the wisdom of Earth and invite in the support of our Ancestors.


Samstag, 4. April 2020 15:00-18:00
Freedom: Freedom to Fly 

From a Grounded place we can truly fly. Work through your upper body tension (shoulders, neck, heart, upper thoracic) and cultivate freedom from the past limitations and pains. This is a level-appropriate shoulder-happy inversion class and ALL LEVEL (ability/injury) students are welcome meaning if you have shoulder issues you should definitely come.


Sonntag, 5. April 10:00-13:00
You are the Rainbow Hoop

Balance Earth and Sky in your Body. With your legs strongly connected to Earth and upper thoracic body cleansed, open and receptive, you are ready to polish your hoop and truly become a conduit between Earth and Sky. Earth and Sky united in your body; energy centers aligned. Learn how to lead a struggle free life through cultivating ease and pain free/pain freeing asana practice. You will learn a Turanian ceremonial way to connect to the rhythm of nature combined with the amazing medicine of Forrest Yoga!


Workshop € 55 / All workshops € 150
Für bYOGA Mitglieder: Workshop € 50 / All Workshops € 135

Sign in or in person at the yoga studio.