Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program

Forrest Yoga Mentorship (for Forrest Yoga Teachers only) at bYOGA
with Brian Campbell & Jambo Truong, assisted by Alexandra Sagorz-Zimmerl
12. – 19. November 2018
Forrest Yoga Mentorship program has been created by the Forrest Yoga Guardians to walk teachers from the Forrest Yoga Foundation Training deeper into their personal and professional practice. We will dive deeper into sequencing skills, cueing, hands on assists and process work to help you go deeper into stepping into becoming the teacher you want to be.

Ceremony & Meditation
Hands On Assists & Teaching Skills
Injury Clinic

This is a unique opportunity where a small group of practitioners will get to dive deeper into their own questions and insights as well as receiving personal coaching based on your own personal level with your practice and the questions you have come with.

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